Norfolk Skiffle Band, The Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo, are no more!

The Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo

The Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo were a busy Norfolk Skiffle & Bluegrass band who played regularly around Norfolk for 15 years between 2001 and 2017

The Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo were an eccentric bunch of musicians from Norfolk, UK who gathered together on a regular basis to play anything that sounds good from the last 100 years on a mix of traditional and home made instruments. True skiffle style!

Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo's ever expanding set list covered many styles that exploit the diverse vocals that each band member has to offer and the wide range of instruments they play including Banjo, Guitar, Fiddle, Kazoo, Double Bass, Washboard (of course), Harmonica, Mandolin, Ukelele, Tea Chest Bass, Drums and Percussion. Everyone in the skiffle band has a say as to what is played and this has resulted in a set list taking in American Civil War and Folk Tunes, Gershwin and Cole Porter, Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, T-Rex and Queen, Kirsty MacColl and Tracy Ullman, Four Non Blondes and Green Day along with all the classic Lonnie Donegan, Chas McDevitt and Vipers songs you'd expect from a skiffle band. The common thread to all these diverse styles is the enthusiasm and humour that the band play them with, the way the band involve the audience and the 'full steam ahead', chaotic, entertaining skiffle sound they generate. With many years playing experience together, The Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo, have developed a style all of their own that is somewhere between traditional skiffle, bluegrass and rock 'n' roll but always having a good time. Constantly building a loyal following the skiffle band has gone on to make numerous live appearances on BBC Radio Norfolk along with appearances on Anglia TV, Beach Radio and Radio Caroline!

Gigs have ranged from Norwich festivals like The King Street Festival, Eastern Sun Festival, Lord Mayors Procession, Norwich Fringe Festival, Norwich Beer Festival and Chapelfield Gardens Spirit of Carnival to Town Carnivals and Festivals such as North Walsham, Great Yarmouth, Wymondham and Sheringham.The Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo have travelled around the country for skiffle gigs including a performance at the much publicised Liverpool Skiffle Conference in 2003, an opening spot for The Pasadena Roof Orchestra, Colchester Beer Festival, Endorse-it-in Dorset Festival, Norwich Beer Festival and the 22nd Rockers' Reunion at Reading. Their appearances have ranged from bikers parties, alternative music festivals, weddings, birthdays, fetes, cabaret and busking, sometimes totally acoustic and sometimes through huge PA systems, sometimes with 3 or 4 members and sometimes with 12 members! Indoors, outdoors, 10 minute slots and 4 hours or more performances have all been part of The Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo schedule. The band has been booked at gigs and festivals focused on Folk, Jazz, Country, Rock 'n' Roll, Skiffle, Rock and Punk where they have been received equally as enthusiastically.In 2004 the Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo made their album debut on the Western Star label recorded at the legendary Western Star Recording Studio in Somerset which has recently spawned several compilation CD appearances and airplay worldwide. Early 2007 saw the release of a second skiffle CD album, this time from German rockabilly label Vampirette. The second album mixes a more skiffle sound with a contemporary song list which ranges from The Beatles to Britney Spears! In January 2010, The Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo was invited back to Western Star Recording Studios once again to record so one-off tracks especially for two compilation albums - "We Never Had It So Good" and "Crime Don't Pay". This time the band played it 'straight down the middle' with some proper, no messing skiffle classics - 'Freight Train', 'Jesse James', 'Lost John' and 'Six-Five Special'. these tracks are only available on these compilation albums.

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